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HBP-2X Цифровой двухканальный белтпак

HBP-2X Цифровой двухканальный белтпак


HelixNet™, a unified intercom platform that delivers a new generation of intercom products offering cabling simplicity, ease-of-use, networking flexibility and system intelligence.

The most rugged and ergonomic beltpack yet introduced by Clear-Com, the new HelixNet Beltpack features enhanced status displays and controls for easy, reliable operation under even the most demanding conditions.  High-contrast OLED status displays ease visual operation, while unique tactile controls offer intuitive touch operation.  HelixNet Beltpacks come with self-configuring and auto-update features to streamline software and firmware upgrades and are also designed to operate effectively on a variety of standard cable types, including regular microphone audio cable and CAT-5.  The Beltpacks can connect to the Main Station with passive Y-splitters to facilitate interconnection in different patterns and can be daisy-chained over standard audio cable.

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