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История компании Clear-Com

Today’s Clear-Com, an HME Company, was formed by combining Drake Electronics Ltd., the market leader in broadcast intercom, with the original Clear-Com, the leading brand for live performance communications.

cc_web_logo_dk Wireless Intercom
Drake, founded in 1976, based in Cambridge, England created the de facto standard intercom solution for European broadcasters, providing rich customizability, robust performance and extensive interfaces.

The original Clear-Com, founded in 1968, based in the California Bay Area invented the first party-line systems for rock and roll concerts. It quickly grew to dominate the US live performance and local TV station marketplace with affordable, easily configurable solutions providing the highest sound quality available.

Between 1997 and 1998, the Vitec Group, a publicly traded company headquartered in London, acquired both companies based on their product leadership and complementary market positions, merging them into a single company under the Clear-Com name in 2003. Blending the deep technology expertise and market knowledge of both legacies, Clear-Com today provides communications solutions to some of the world’s most demanding customers:

On April 2010, Clear-Com was acquired by HM Electronics, Inc. (HME), a pioneer of digital wireless intercom solutions for restaurant, hospitality, pro sports and pro audio markets.  Combiniing HME's world-renowned expertise in wireless with Clear-Com's leadership in TDM Matrix and integrated IP and wireless solutions will offer an expansive selection of communication products and technology for intercom customers with different applications and system requirements.  HME is a privately-held company, based in Poway, California, USA.